Grains - what are they good for?

If you are new to the paleo/primal way of life (first of all, welcome!) you may have noticed we do a few things differently to the mainstream. First and foremost, we don’t eat packaged or processed foods. We eat the fat (gasp!) from good quality, natural sources. We avoid processed dairy products. We choose organic, grass-fed and local produce when possible and if budget permits (this is ideal, but Read more

The Big 3

Our bodies are very complex. As much as we know, there is just as much that we are learning everyday. This is why we see a new diet fad or super-food every other week. However, amongst all this excitement there are some fundamentals that don’t change. 1. Hydration We all know that we need water to survive, but did you know that sitting at your desk drinking your 3 litres a Read more

Coconut Crumbed Spicy Chicken

This recipe is awesome, crunchy and spicy with soft juicy chicken. Great for a Friday night or if you are craving a crunch! 1 cup of coconut crunch or coconut flour 3 Tbl of cumin 2 Tbl of Chilli flakes 1-2 eggs 500g of organic chicken thighs Coconut oil for cooking. Read more

Is your gut healthy?

Just like the eyes are the window to our soul, the gut is the gateway to our health! Without a healthy gut, it is difficult to have a healthy body. Let’s briefly (very briefly) have a look at what the gut does, what can go wrong and how you can heal your gut to optimize the way you look, feel and perform. While we may eat steak and apples, Read more

Sticky Lemon Honey Cake

This is a great summer cake, sweet and lemony and very light, great by itself or with some strawberries and a cup of ice Read more